One of the oldest operating bakeries is

​the Berman's bakery chain.

The bakery was originally

started Kreshe Berman in 1875, as a small bakery in the Old City section of Jerusalem. 

In addition to being one of the first kosher

bakeries in the modern State of Israel,

it was also the first bakery to build its own flour mill.

Angel's bakery is the second largest bakery chain.

Both chains produce kosher baked goods,

and have multiple company outlets and

various distribution points throughout Israel.

The pastries, deserts, challahs, and cakes,

are in demand year round, especially

by Israeli Jewish citizens that

observe the Sabbath and the Jewish holidays.

Angel's Bakery, known as Ma'afiyot Anjel in Israel, is the biggest wholesale Israeli bakery, with approximately a third of the market for baked goods in Israel. 

The company has over 100 different types of bread products and over 250 different pastry delicacies, such as cakes and cookies.

The bakery has a national retail presence, as well as an export operation that supplies its baked goods throughout Europe and the United States.

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Welcome to the baking world

of Israel.

You are about to discover what makes the Israeli baking world so delicious!

There is a strong baking tradition in Israel that goes all the way back to Biblical times.

From the first mention of Abraham baking goods for the angels that visited him, to the super modern bakery cafes in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, baking has long been an integral part of the Israeli nation.